Line 48: “Just in case you are considering gender

Range 41 (42): “The ocean possesses its own confusing suggests.” This is certainly a challenging line. The brand new Greek get redirected here out of contours 41-42 appears to imply, “Such as a female is actually above all else in that way [the ocean] inside temperament (orge); nevertheless sea features an alternative physical appearance (phye).” Therefore West, inside the 1993 verse interpretation: “That is what this female’s such as for example–when you look at the state of mind, / After all; there isn’t any similarity inside her looks!” Orgen stands early in range 42, plainly, when you look at the enjambment, observed instantaneously by the phyen de; it really appear as if the newest poet is attracting a contrast between inwards vibe and you may outward means. But for the fresh new poet to help you limit their description of your water-lady having, “But a large body regarding salt liquids is actually instead of a female into the physical appearance!” looks bizarrely inept.Various other method would be to grab phye while the a word for physis, “inward character,” and you will de since the a continuous as opposed to a comparing particle. Lloyd-Jones, following this way, explains alloien, “various other,” because the euphemistic to have “other inside the a good sinister way,” and supply the thing is that; the guy translates, in the comments, “‘And water provides a characteristics as opposed to that anything else,’ we.elizabeth., a characteristics that is sinister and you will uncanny” (73). My personal interpretation employs this process the most directly, no matter if by the making de- untranslated I get off discover the possibility that brand new poet try drawing a comparison amongst the water-woman plus the ocean. Pick Renehan to own an overview of proposed choice (which includes deleting the brand new line). Renehan deletes the phrase orgen, and this “perhaps began while the a shine otherwise variation to phyen, inspired because of the v. eleven,” and you will inserts allot’ prior to alloien (the term allot’ alloien, “modifying from a single second to another,” is additionally used in range eleven). The sense of the line will be regarding Lattimore’s interpretation: “That it woman’s state of mind can be like new sea’s / because sea’s mood in addition to transform right through the day.” Renehan’s membership off how text possess be corrupted is persuasive, and he can be correct, however if they are Personally i think disturb in the Semonides. Renehan rightly explains that (in comparison to acquired opinion) Semonides is “an over skilled poet,” yet Renehan’s services generally seems to myself a failure stop to the sea-woman passing.

..” The brand new sentences that we enjoys interpreted due to the fact “sex” in this range along with traces 53 and 93 (91) be a little more colourful on Greek; all of them make use of the adjective aphrodisios, “regarding Aphrodite.” In-line forty-eight the definition of was ergon aphrodision, “the task off Aphrodite”; for the 53, eunes aphrodisies, “the latest sleep off Aphrodite”; during the 93 (91),aphrodisious logous, “aphrodisiac terminology.”

Line 53: “sex-crazed

Range 49: “she welcomes …” Brand new verb used here (dechomai) ‘s the regular verb to possess inviting otherwise receiving a visitor. It is quite utilized in contours 110 (107) (“bring a significant acceptance”) and you will 121 (117) (“opened up their doorways”) below. Cf. cards into traces 20 (19) and you will 121-twenty two (117-18). The latest ass-girl is indiscriminate in her own hospitality.

A third strategy would be to emend the text

” Pick note on the web forty eight a lot more than for the “gender.” My interpretation “crazed” observe the newest manuscript training alenes. Having a recommended etymology for the phrase (glossed because of the Hesychius once the mainomenos) look for Waanders. Western welcomes the fresh new conjecture adenes, “unaware, amateur.” Select West (1974) 178 on this and following the line.

Contours 53-54 (54): “climbs onboard.” We pursue West’s reading, peronta, “crossing over (such as a great ferry)” into the nautical metaphor. Anyone else discover pareonta, “getting present.” Lloyd-Jones, followed by Gerber (1979) 20, takes flooding andra flood pareonta to help you indicate either “any partner she’s for now” or “whatever kid has been the girl,” and services new people’s vomiting towards weasel-woman’s bad smelling. Verdenius (1977) 6 interprets flood andra ton pareonta as “Besucher” (guest).