NodeJS can be used on a wide range of platforms and devices, including Windows, Mac OS X, Unix, Linux, and mobile devices. As Node.js is built on Google Chrome’s V8 JavaScript Engine, code execution is extremely fast. The NodeJS library provides asynchronous APIs, i.e. they are not blocking.

  • It’s not set up to do whatever you want, it’s set up to do a few limited things with larger databases and more interactions, and with a larger concurrency pool than MySQL.
  • At the end of the day, Cassandra is use for extremely high volume work loads.
  • When establishing a mobile app tech stack, picking the correct backend technologies is critical.
  • It is used for its simplicity, which makes it one of the greatest backend programming languages.
  • The model-view-controller architecture of Ruby on Rails allows developers to easily add new features and business logic into a project.

Django provides a number of advantages, including improved pluggability, less coding, higher reusability, and faster development. All of Django’s activities, including build, read, change, and delete, are performed in Python. Django is the way to go if you want to create a data-driven and feature-rich project.

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Therefore, technologies of the backend that will be in demand in 2021 can impact the whole industry. No doubt that the backend is one of the essential parts of web development. Quick response time – The site communicates, answers, and performs fast and effortlessly, thanks to the use of new technologies. Browse through our software development success stories with tangible results. With the help of Backbone innovations, developers can get rid of challenging coding. This contains end-to-end application functionality of Angular and View layer with external features of React.

Then we can submit a request to the backend NodeJS server that will fetch data from the database and allow us to change live page content without reloading the page itself. At Async Labs, our primary backend technologies are PHP and NodeJS, but we are open to other technologies, so we have systems in C #, Python, and Ruby. Now when you know about these top mobile app technologies, use any of them for your beginning the mobile app process. Supported and maintained by Facebook, React is one of the popular frontend technologies among developers worldwide. Have route handlers in order to view plausible states of mobile apps. Hence its the most disruptive and innovative front end framework preferred in 2021.

What are the Best Backend Technologies We Should Learn

That said, each NoSQL database is different, and they’re all designed to optimize for specific things that you wouldn’t necessarily get out of a standard SQL database. Also referred to as MSSQL, this SQL database is used by 26.7% of Stack Overflow survey respondents. As the name gives away, this database was developed by Microsoft, so it’s not OS. Content management systems like Drupal and WordPress rely on MySQL, so it’s on virtually every blog post you’ll ever read. Companies like Facebook, Google, GitHub, Netflix, Spotify, and others use MySQL. Apple for most of the native applications running on Mac OS-X desktops and servers, and iOS devices.

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Plus, its growing community has already created plenty of helpful libraries and frameworks to make development even quicker. If you’re looking for the perfect language for your next project, Rust might be worth exploring. Both languages offer powerful features like low-level memory access and support for object-oriented programming. So if you want to build something robust and high-performance, these languages are definitely worth considering. Java is one of the oldest programming languages in existence, with roots going back to 1995. Despite its age, it’s still incredibly popular today thanks to its versatility and reliability.

Django offers the best documentation on the market compared to other open source technologies. For any developer, better documentation is like a well-established library. It allows him to search for any function with ease while only having to invest time in searching.

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Using frameworks streamlines application development, and improves the general user experience. Heroku is an ideal Platform as a Service provider that backs a variety of backend technologies, including Python, Java, Scala, PHP and Ruby. Developers particularly depend on this PaaS platform to manage, deploy and host highly scalable and advanced applications. Realtime Database —The significance of real-time databases is increasing among backend technologies. Back4App also plays its role in this regard and assists businesses in querying and gathering data spontaneously.

The frontend receives the data generated in the backend and displays it to the user. Although some companies have separate backend and frontend development teams, the distinction between the two is rarely clear. As a result, many engineers build code for the backend as well as the frontend. It is also called server-side development because the backend does everything that happens in the application. Now let’s dive deeper and see how the backend works and what languages are used for backend development.

Ruby is a backend language that is mostly used in tandem with Rails to build eCommerce applications and database solutions. What all the backend technologies have in common is that they are meant to deal with the server-side and make sure that the application performs well. The most prominent backend languages are Node.JS, Java, Ruby, Python, Golang, and PHP.


Undoubtedly, it may take a lot of time for you to select the right technology for your future software especially when you do not possess the expertise. Starting with the Backend Web Development Technology, you are more comfortable with will allow you to have a deeper grasp of it. The best programming language for you will depend on your prior programming experience.

Learning Go will be a piece of cake if you have prior experience with coding languages such as C or Java. Despite this preexisting knowledge, Go is globally recognized as simpler to learn than its competitors. C++ is a powerful programming language nearly identical to C and will run most C programs unaltered. However, C++ is a much safer language for systems programming and game development than C as it uses object-oriented programming principles. There is no single best language for backend, as it depends on the type of the application. For example, Python is often used to create AI and ML applications, whereas Ruby is perfect for eCommerce solutions.

MongoDB was created by MongoDB Inc. and is distributed under the Server Side Public License, which some distributions consider non-free. As a part of MEAN, it manages routing, HTTP requests, sessions, error handling, and so on. With Express.js, it is possible to create single-page, multi-page, and hybrid web applications. Top companies using Express include Accenture, MuleSoft, Myntra, Twitter, Stack, Intuit, PLAID, Myspace, Bepro Company, etc. CakePHP is suitable for rapid application development , allowing you to implement your vision quickly and consistently. CakePHP allows you to build your idea in a matter of weeks rather than months.

Backend Technologies

As it is centered on MVC architecture, one of the key characteristics of angular is that it can be used to create a one-page application. Angular allows for two-way data binding, which is necessary for real-time applications. Angular is on track to become the best framework for building massive, enterprise-scale apps.

Frontend and backend are two of the most commonly used terms in the computer business, and they’ve become buzzwords in their own right. They determine the type of software developer work you do, the technologies you employ, and how much you get paid. While front-end development focuses on making websites and web applications seem good on the client, back-end development focuses on making similar apps look good on the server.

When establishing a mobile app tech stack, picking the correct is critical. This article includes a list of 9 backend technologies to assist you in selecting the best one for your mobile application. They utilise the full stack, allowing them to benefit from the best of both worlds. JavaScript can be used for building different types of sites and software, including websites, web servers, mobile apps, desktop applications, games, presentations, etc.

NGINX is available for free and open source under the rules of a two-clause BSD license. Server – A server is a computer that receives user requests through the front-end interface and responds with a result computed by the application. It offers many highly valuable features, such as routing for multiple request handling, dynamic views, flash negotiation, content negotiation, and app-level views. This event mechanism enables the server to respond in a non-blocking way and scale higher than traditional servers, which rely on a limited number of threads to process requests. Node.js employs a single-threaded program that can process significantly more requests than traditional web servers such as Apache HTTP Server. Django is a scalable framework with the ability to switch smoothly from small to large-scale projects.

Meteor is a popular backend technology that is written in JavaScript and apt for creating mobile, desktop, and web applications. It operates seamlessly between the client and the server with ease. It integrates well with other frontend frameworks like React, Angular, Vue, Blaze, etc.

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Many of these languages are in high demand and show no signs of slowing down. With so many options, deciding which language to learn can be tough. Our advice is to start by becoming proficient in one of the top 5 on the list and work on a small project. Once you’re comfortable with those, you can start exploring other options on this list. Ruby is a well-known, versatile programming language regularly used for web scraping, site building, command-line tools, automation, and data processing.

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Laravel is considered a well-known backend technology that has effective language construction and an advanced toolbox to support it. Its salient syntax helps developers achieve flexibility and creativity while coding, taking care of all necessary care in the backend. Written in the Ruby language, Ruby on Rails is a server-side application framework that pushes the implementation of pattern usages like DRY or MVC.

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Spring Boot solves this issue by providing a set of dependencies that saves time and trouble. Since Perl is syntactically similar to other widely used languages, it is easier to code and learn in Perl. Backend technologies and tools vary from for different types of development.

A wide variety of extensions are available that can add features to web applications. Top companies using Flask include LinkedIn, Mozilla, Uber, Netflix, Reddit, CRED, Trivago, Lyft, Airbnb, MIT, etc. CakePHP is an open-source web framework based on MVC (model-view-controller) architectural pattern and written in PHP.

It can be utilized effectively by any Java app with the availability of multiple extensions for development. There is a spring core container Interaction between backend and frontend that is a primary module offering containers. Spring Boot maintains a list of standards and tools that help garner good results.